Optimum Dental Health – For The Whole Family

A sparkling smile is a definite benefit of regular dental care.  However, it’s not the most important reason to see your dentist several times a year.  Regular visits to your dentist pay off in other ways.  Some of those include better digestive health with teeth that align & chew without pain; healthy breath and a clean-tasting mouth. Dr. Hangalay’s dental office offers complete family dental care in the greater Phoenix area.

At Serene Dental, your family will experience the four C’s of a great dental relationship: Convenience, Confidence, Complete Care and Comfort.

Convenience: Located on 24th Street, just North of Indian School, Dr. Hangalay’s office is easy to find and close to major East/West routes in Phoenix.

Confidence: Dr. Hangalay takes pride in the relationship she creates with her team and her patients. From the moment your family steps into the office, you’ll be in the care of an expert, experienced team, trained in the latest procedures and products for excellent dental care. The staff of Serene Dental offer you an incredible amount of experience in caring for and restoring teeth.

Complete Care: There’s more to the convenience than location. Serene Dental offers a wide range of services, from basic hygiene to whitening, veneers, implants, crowns and other cosmetic and restorative treatments.

It’s a relief knowing you can receive the treatments you need from a dental team you trust. With Dr.Hangalay there is no searching for another source, no starting over – you can count on continuing treatment from the people you are familiar with and who care about you.  The team you trust will help you design your continuing dental plan for healthy teeth and gums.

Comfort: Have you delayed getting dental care because you are afraid?  Dr. Hangalay is familiar with the mind-body connection that makes fear fuel pain. She and her entire staff create an environment that helps you relax and feel confident.  You will benefit from a relationship with technicians who have been with Serene Dental for many years and are skilled in using anesthetics and pain prevention techniques.

Explore our website to see the services we offer, but if you want to get to know us quickly, call us and ask the questions you need to feel comfortable.  At our dental office, situated in the heart of Phoenix, AZ we offer a complete range of treatments from cosmetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry to everyday general family dental care.

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